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Puerto Vallarta Real Estate Buyers’ Agents (PVREBA) acts exclusively as a buyers’ agent, having no listings and nothing to sell. As detailed in the PVREBA Mission Statement, our primary objective is to share our knowledge and experience regarding life in Vallarta with fellow North American baby boomers so that they too, may appreciate the opportunities that lie south of the border. This is accomplished by telling the Vallarta growth story, introducing North Americans to Vallarta, and offering professional assistance throughout the real estate buying process. There is absolutely no charge for services to the buyer, in that all payments to PVREBA are only from the listing agents.
As an exclusive buyers’ agent, we:

  • Act with 100% loyalty and dedication to the buyer with no conflict of interest.
  • Pre-qualify the buyer and evaluate his specific needs and objectives.
  • Research the local markets to locate the properties that best match the buyer's objectives.
  • Show the properties that meet the buyer's specifications.
  • Obtain the appraisal and inspection service providers.
  • Obtain professional legal, banking, and insurance representation.
  • Assist in structuring the property purchase offer.
  • Negotiate the purchase offer on behalf of and in the best interest of the buyer.
  • Assist in securing appropriate financing and escrow services.
  • Select favorable notario for closing the purchase.
  • Assist the buyer throughout the closing process.

Using an exclusive buyers’ agent offers numerous benefits wherever you’re located, however when purchasing property in Mexico, the benefits are greatly magnified. Buying your dream home or condo in Vallarta should be one of your best experiences, however without due diligence, it can become a nightmare. Obtaining an exclusive buyers’ agent with 100% dedication to you is a prerequisite for assuring a pleasant beginning of your retirement in Paradise.

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A Magical Resort Destination in Paradise With So Much to Offer

Puerto Vallarta is no longer the sleepy little Mexican fishing village that it was back in 1960. What’s Going on South of the Border? outlines 15 reasons why Vallarta has recently experienced its explosive growth. Located in the foothills of the Sierra Madres and on Banderas Bay, in the center of the Mexican Riviera on the Pacific Ocean, Vallarta has the unique combination of climate, natural beauty, and tropical vegetation and wildlife. Being on the same latitude as Hawaii but eight hours closer and much less expensive, Vallarta’s daily temperature during the seven month “high season” from November through May averages 73*F with virtually no chance of rain and beautiful sunsets. With perfect weather, numerous activities as outlined in Retire to Where and do What?, and 50,000 other retired North Americans, you’ll never run short of things to do and friends to do them with.

The Misconceptions About Living in Mexico

Get the Facts About Retirement in Paradise

For all too long, about all you heard regarding living conditions in Mexico was negative; well, that is no longer the case. The facts concerning the changes made under the governing PAN party in Mexico are discussed in Could Politics Influence Paradise?. You’ll also find numerous additional articles that address the most common objections regarding living in Mexico as they detail the dramatic changes that have occurred during the past decade. Also, check out the Puerto Vallarta links to local websites for an incredible amount of information pertaining to daily life and activities in PV as well as real estate related subjects. For anybody recently retired or considering retirement in the near future, Puerto Vallarta offers everything you would expect in Paradise at an affordable price.

Articles About Puerto Vallarta

Okay, knowing that tequila is produced just outside of Puerto Vallarta, in the state of Jalisco, we next have to consider the balance of the ingredients in margaritas. Other than Triple Sec, an orange liqueur from Curacao in the Caribbean Islands, the rest of the margarita ingredients consist of fruit and fruit juices. Limes, strawberries, peaches, mangos, bananas, melons, and every other tropical fruit imaginable are used to temper the tequila!.. Read More

A couple of previously written PVREBA articles pertaining to the Mexican economy have been updated; they were written in 2009 and the data has been extended to January, 2011. Please see the revised addendums to "Investing South of the Border" and "Mexican Stocks, Silver, and Real Estate--A 10 Year Review".

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